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Grass Roots Waterski Tournament, hosted by the Austin Ski Club

Join us for Fun on the Water at the Grass Roots of Texas! ONLINE ENTRY, CLICK HERE, and scroll to the GR Event on 8/15/20.

Where: Frame Switch Ski Lakes.

When: Saturday, August 15, 2020. All events- Slalom, Trick, and Jump are planned. Use of wakeboards is welcomed! Relaxed tournament rules to accommodate skiers' ability and HAVE FUN! So if you are getting ready for competition, Class C or Collegiate, or just want to have fun, this is for you!

Additional Details:

Bring shade, chairs, water, and lunch.

·Two sets of each event, time permitting.

·Slalom- guaranteed 4 passes, or ski until you miss a buoy, one fall, gates optional (if you gates you get extra credit). Mini Course available. Additional buoys count.

·Trick- two passes of at least 20 seconds, novice tricks allowed (a list of novice tricks will be posted/added on trick dock), one fall out of course, one in course.

·Jump- three passes, 4 ½ foot ramp height, speed option of skier. Must be in shape and have access to jump skis and approved life vest, helmet, etc.

Entry: one event $35, two $40, three $45. $10 discount to collegiate skiers and ASC member (code NEVRL)

Start time- 9:00 Slalom, 9:30 Tricks. Rd 1 jump follows Rd 1 Trick

We hope for a very good turnout. We must have 20-30 skiers to avoid cancellation, so please enter now!

More info, including COVID-19 Precautions and online entry, CLICK HERE, and scroll to the GR Eevent on 8/15/20.

Call/text Floyd, (512) 809-8499 or Fran (512) 423-9835 for questions

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