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The American Water Ski Association’s Technical Controllers and Drivers committees are recommending the use of Sure-Path (automation boat tracker) in all 2021 Class L/R tournaments (this will be required in 2022 by the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation).

- All the data can be integrated in the scoring program (WSTIMS), real time data

- Eliminate upload EC Video (saving hours of work)

Note: All EC Data (Sure-Path data or Video) will be required to be uploaded prior to any scores being posted in 2021 within 7 days

- Eliminate any issue/questions after the tournament

- Automatic approval of national slalom records

Several States have Free RTK Network Base stations (virtual base-station, which should work anywhere within your state) (VRS/Imax/Max), other states/counties have free Single Base Station, which must be within 6 miles from the site. So, check in your state/county for Free RTK Base-station. Example of a few: FL (FDOT), AL, KY, NY, CA.

If you have any general questions, please contact Will Bush or Jerry Jackson.

For ordering Sure-Path or specific questions, go to the Sure-Path Website: Home - Sure-Path GPS Boat Lane Tracking.

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