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Successful Programs

Several programs, some well established and others new, shared stories of success for 2022. Don't hesitate to contact the organizers of these programs to see if you can help, get involved or emulate the structure and build activities in your area.

Mark Cohen - Metroplex/Dallas program

Jackson Driggs - Collegiate program

Mark Zimmerman - CASS (Ski League) program

Metroplex Program

A couple of things that Mark Cohen identified as making the program successful:

1. A pre-paid upfront non-refundable league fee. If you missed a night, you missed a night, you just donated that nights cost to the league.

2. I did build in a profit to kick back up to the club.

3. I did build into the league fee a personalized ballcap or a t-shirt.

4. I took the absentee money to build in an end of league lakeside cookout with burgers and beers. 1st years cookout, I paid for out of pocket.

5. Any money left over after tshirts and cookout was added to the profit I built into the fee.

6. COMMUNICATIONS. This was super important to the league. I sent out weekly updates to the entire club. Many non participants saw what a great time we were having and wanted to join in the fun. The last year I ran it, I had 19 skiers and I had to create 2 teams of 9 skiers competing opposite weeks. There were ski partner relationships born every year that still exist to this day. The new leadership was not sending club wide email updates, but I have made the suggestion that we get back to that again

7. Maybe the most important factor in driving success - leadership. Yes, I was president, which was a full time officer job - the ski league was a 2nd full time job within the club, it took ALOT of effort and time.

With regards to timing/equipment - because this league was designed to be FUN:

1. We did not require the fanciest newest Ski Nautique or MC. If we had a boat with PP. SG or ZO, that is what we used - year did not matter.

2. We did not get so picky as to ropes being measured or anything that technical

3. We started the league around the end of May. This year it appears that for us to maximize daylight, we'll start ~May 24

We had 12 skiers, complete 9 scored rounds over the course of a 15 week league.

Y’all put up a combined total of 5,891.25 points that translates to:

2,868 actual buoys rounded

· 2,249 – Full Course Red Buoys

· 619 – Mini Course Green Buoys

When all was completed, skiers got hats and time on the water. The club enjoyed more than $1000 in extra income.

SCR Collegiate Clinic Program


  • Four Development Weekends with 15-25 participants at each event

  • Twenty-eight of the 32 summer participants competed in AWSA tournaments over the summer.

  • For 20 (or 71%) of these competitors, it was their first time EVER competing in an AWSA tournament.

  • At the end of July,

    • 17 collegiate summer skiers at SCR Regionals

    • 11 at AWSA Nationals in Maize, Kansas.

In addition to this, skier performance improved tremendously.

  • Slalom

  • Avg. 21.85 added buoys // 55.5 highest // 1.5 lowest

  • Trick

  • Avg. 335 points // 1270 highest // 40 lowest

  • Jump

  • Avg. 27.8 // 52 highest // 10 lowest

CASS Program Ski League

2022 was another successful year for Ski League and Mark Zimmerman extends thanks to everyone who volunteered time, donated boats and the lake owners for water time. This program moves around to various sites in the Austin, TX area including Aquaplex, Frameswitch and SMRR. Typically scheduled on Wednesday evenings starting around 4:30 and continuing until sunset, skiers pay nominal fees for trick or slalom rides.

Ski :league has been a great program to help introduce tournament slalom skiing to new and interested skiers, while providing some ski access to those who don't have it. The Ski League last year experienced expanded interest from younger skiers who can't afford a boat or lake property. Almost every week was fully booked!

Stats from 2022 Ski League:

  • 8 Ski Leagues nights (2 cancelled from low water)

  • 11 New Members of USA Waterski

  • 32 Participants

  • 73 Sets pulled

All three of these programs show expansion in participation, development of the community and in some cases, a financial benefit to the sponsoring club. Sponsorship or donations for each of these programs would be appreciated, please feel free to contact those listed above for information on how to get involved

Collegiate Alumni that skied in the 2022 SCR Championships at Aquaplex in Buda, TX.


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