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SCR Official’s Nomination Form

For the 2023 Regional & National Tournaments

(Please add my name to the ballot for elected officials for the 2023 Regional and/or National Championships)

Apply for Only One
Tournament Choice
Select an option

I certify that:

  • I currently hold the required rating for the above requested positions (Regionals -Regular/ Senior, STJ; Nationals – Senior STJ).   

  • I am not ineligible under the sit-out provisions of SCR P&P 1.1.5 (see below);

  • and I will serve if elected, unless prevented by extenuating or emergency circumstances


Deadline for submittal:

The SCR Mid-Winter meeting, January 13, 2023.

THANK YOU for volunteering!

1.1.5 Officials Qualifications, Selection and Accommodations (excerpt)

Appointed or Assigned Officials at Nationals and Regionals shall comply with the following rotation schedule: Officials - no more than 3 consecutive years. The EVP may make exceptions to the rotation rules whenever needed to ensure a quality level of officiating or driving. If an individual is picked by the AWSA President to serve as a Chief or Asst. Chief at Nationals on a year when he/she was due to rotate out, then they should accept that position and sit out the following year. (1/07) The drivers selected for Nationals shall be included among the Appointed Drivers for Regionals. (1/07) Appointed officials are to be selected by popular vote (pending the EVP’s approval). Officials chosen for Regionals must have a rating of at least Regular: STJ (7/13). Officials chosen for the AWSA 3-event National Tournament must have a rating of Senior: STJ.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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