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The SCR Regional Guides of the 1980s


Browse the Regional Guides from the 1980s. This decade includes 10 years of the 40 year collection of SCR Regional Guides.

Thank you to Elgin Faulkner, our Historian, for supplying the documents for this collection.

Click the image to display/download the archived guide. Enjoy the memories.


EVP - Sam Newsom



New Mexico was part of the SCR

Nationals and Regionals were held at Garden Valley in Tyler, TX

There was a Volley Ball Committee for Nationals.

Austin Aqua Fest offered $25,000 cash prize in the Pro Water Ski event.


EVP - Sam Newsom



Tri-Lakes hosts their 1st SCR Regionals in Zachary, LA

There was a Qualification Based Texas State Novice Championship held at Lake Leroy.

Their was a Team Award for the Ski Club with the most points. 


EVP - Buddy Williams



Regionals held in Leesville, LA

38 skiers from the SCR skied Nationals in Miami, FL

Bennetts Water Ski School was open from May 2 - August 12 and located on an 11 mile lake in Ventress, LA


EVP - Mary Gail Holcomb

Director - Jeffry Armstrong (Miss.)

Director - Jay Bennett (La.)

Director - Sam Newsom (Tx.)


The SCR's Jerry Edwards is AWSA Chairman of the Board.


EVP - Chip Chipman


Director - Jeffry Armstrong (Miss.)

Director - Jerry Edwards (Tx.)

Director - Sam Newsom (Tx.)


Promo boat coordinators are listed for: American Skier, Correct Craft, MasterCraft, Ski Centurion, and Ski Supreme. 


An "Over 55" age division was created for both Men and Women.


EVP - Larry Cox


A new boat appears in a full page color ad: Malibu Skier





EVP - Jay Bennett



Regionals held in Little Rock, AK

SCR must find site to host 1980 Nationals.

Camille and Sammy Duvall were SCR skiers and placed in the 1977 Nationals.



EVP - Chip Chipman


Director - Jeffry Armstrong (Miss.)

Director - Jerry Edwards (Tx.)

Director - Sam Newsom (Tx.)


SCR Council consists of 26 member clubs.



EVP - Chip Chipman


SCR had a great presence on the national scene, with Jeffry Armstrong as President of AWSA and Jerry Edwards as Chairman of the Board.


Magnum Skier added to the list of promo boats.



EVP - Nikki Lee


Nationals are held in the SCR again, this time at Bennett's


ESPN's Hot Summer Nights are replayed all winter long, showcasing tournament water skiing at the pro level



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