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SCR Historical Notes



1950    Year that the South Central Region was recognized by the

  American Water Ski Association as part of a five region division of the U.S.


   48     Number of states in the US in 1950.  


1951    Year of the first organized water ski tournament in the South Central

  Region.  Held on Lake Murray in Ardmore, Oklahoma, on August 19, 1951,   under the leadership of Gordon Leaman, who was referred to as Regional   Vice President.


1954   Year referred to for the first time as a "Regional" competition.   *


   62    Number of consecutive, annual South Central Regional Water Ski

 Championships that have been conducted, since 1954. 


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* source:  1975 SCR Guide

Back then, "Jump skis were made of wood, and skiers were made of iron," recalls Floyd McCreight, shown above on the cover of the July-August 1958 The Water Skier magazine. Today, a variety of safety equipment and floatation is available (and required).  

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