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Billy Reeves Driver's Award

This award is given at the SCR Regionals by the Chief Driver to a Driver who exemplified the best of the best during the SCR Regionals tournament. Established in 2002 as the Billy Reeves Driver's Award, those listed below are the Drivers who have received this prestigious award.


2023 Scott Greenwood

2022 Trent Finlayson

2021 Ron Ives

2020 Ryan Malitz

2019 Van Parker

2018 Ken Buchheit 

2017  David West

2016  Van Parker

2015 Jim Fletchall

2014  Mike Hamilton

2013  Craig Waltjer

2012  Joe Darwin

2011  Ron Ives

2010  Jerry Bautsch

2009  Craig Waltjer

2008  Jim Fletchall

2007  Chip Chipman

2006  Mike Hamilton

2005  Jerry Bautsch

2004  Pat Holland

2003  Mike Hamilton

2002  Pat Holland


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