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Click here for the detailed South Central Region Tournament Schedule, with details and entry instructions for each event. See you at a tournament soon!

Scroll through Proposed Schedule Calendar below to see listings currently submitted..

For reference and planning:

  • 2023 LA Night Jam June 10, 2023 Bennett's / Zachary, LA

  • 2023 Regional Championship - July 2023 TBA

  • 2023 National Championship - August 8-12, 2023 West Palm Beach, FL

Scheduling an Event

All tournaments in the SCR are to be sanctioned. The regional council has endeavored to reduce conflicts and schedule overlaps by assigning coordinators to various parts of the region. If a site or club is interested in hosting an event, the first step is to contact the representative from the area to allow a review of calendar and zone conflicts. The coordinators work to maintain the avoidance of conflict with sites within the 100 mile zone on a given day as well as confirm requirements for hosting are met. Once approved by the coordinator or EVP, the sanction application process may begin online. Officials listed in the application are an important part of pulling an event together. Be sure to confirm support of those listed to eliminate challenges and confirming a successful event. The EVP will review and approve the application based on criteria identified in the regional by-laws as well as confirming the required fees and assignments have been documented. Remember the sanction deadlines and late-fees are strictly enforced and can have an impact on class of events that are sanctioned.

There is an interface with the IWWF Calendar that needs our attention. On the sanction creation page, there is a drop-down list of types of events. Please select the appropriate category of tournament when creating your sanction.

The categories are:

  • Nationals (for National championship)

  • Regional (for Regional championship)

  • US Resident  (as implied, but not used often in the US) 

  • US and Foreign Entrants (used for most events and will provide IWWF placement on the calendar if L or R events are listed)

  • Club (a closed event, again not used often but is an IWWF type event that is not used in the US often)

  • IWWF Pro Tour (cash prize event, does NOT require L or R to be listed on the calendar)

All tournaments will require USWSWS (AWSA) membership, so none of these designations impact the responsibilities of the LOC. Using the Online Registration (OLR) is recommended to help confirm membership status. I recommend selecting US and Foreign Entrants unless you are doing a Pro Tour event, even if it is not a record event. If you have a skier join AWSA on site and they are a new member, the Safesport requirement has a 30 day grace period, which should help get new people involved.

Once the submission of the application has been completed, please review that details of the sanction are accurately listed on the website. The area coordinators and most clubs have seasoned veterans to help answer questions and provide guidance to new clubs wishing to be involved. Don't forget deadlines for sanction deadlines.


A question that has been recurring is coordination of boats for events. With the limitations of availability of new promotional boats, AWSA has expanded the options for boats used in tournaments. There continues to be good relationships with the approved towboat manufacturers for most clubs in the region. Each manufacturer has identified "promotional boat" coordinators who have been an asset in bringing the needs of hosts and boat owners together, but they need lead times to make sure requests can be respected. Reach out to these folks early!


For contact of area coordinators:


For Promotional Boat Scheduling​

I hope this helps and please don't hesitate to ask questions. We are all working to share the fun!

Proposed Schedule Calendar

Scroll through to see various months of proposed tournament schedule.

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