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SCR Regionals Scorer's Award

This award is given at the SCR Regionals by the Chief Scorer to a Scorer who exemplified the best of the best during the SCR Regionals tournament.


Established in 2005, we recognize those scorers listed below who have received this prestigious award:



2023 Lisa Derasaugh

2022 Jon Penner & Kim Butterfield

2021 Stephanie Stange            

2010  Robert Howerton

2009   Lisa Derasaugh

2008   Robert Howerton

2007   Denise Caldwell

2006   Terrie L. West

2005   Janet D. Hooten

2020  Jon Penner

2019  Andre Broussard

2018  Danny LeBourgeois

2017  Kim Butterfield

2016  Lisa Derasaugh

2015  Lisa Derasaugh

2014  Lisa Derasaugh

2013  Robert Howerton

2012  Lisa Derasaugh

2011  Tina Lindsey

Hard working  SCR Scorers like Jeran Hooten and Inez Forni ...      get the job done!   

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