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For reference and planning:

Check out the updates for our Junior Development contacts and events

  • 2023 Midwinter meeting for SCR was January 14 - Kathy, TX and thanks to Mark Cohen, the minutes to the meeting are posted on the documents page. Thank you to Kelvin Kelm for the webcast/remote meeting access and to everyone that attended and participated. Voting for regional and national officials will be posted by the end of the week along with the proposed budget. The revised P&P document is being reviewed for additional edits, but should be available by next week. Note that SCR sanction ($80) and head tax fees ($4/skier) have been changed beginning January 2023 and should be considered when planning events this year.

  • 2023 Winter meeting for AWSA January 28 - Auburndale, FL

For those renewing IWWF license go to: select the Annual License which is good for the entire calendar year.

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