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some FANTASTIC Trick skiing videos

Would you like to see some FANTASTIC Trick skiing videos??!! This is the work of Dave Allen and it is GREAT.

Follow the instructions below that will take you to videos used by the judges to score the trick runs at the 2014 AWSA National Tournament. Compare your evaluation with the judge's - you may be MORE correct. These clips are great, indeed FANTASTIC educational tools.

They are also great MARKETING tools. Click on the first place finishers in OM/OW and tell prospective members that they can being skiing like this in a year or two if they join USA-WS/AWSA!!!!

Follow these steps:

  • Go to:

  • Click "WSTIMS For Windows Web Scoreboard"

  • Click on "Live Scoring"

  • Click "2014 Goode US National Water Ski Championships"

  • Should see 4 buttons at the top "Slalom", "Trick", "Jump", "Recent"

  • Click on "Trick"

  • Click on "Round 1"

  • Click on a division; e.g. "OM" or "All" or "Recent"

  • Click on "Submit"

  • Should now see a list of skiers

  • Click on any skier name.

  • Should now see a trick form and the videos for each pass that are right below the trick form.

contributed by Bob Mayhew

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