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Can Older Towboats be used in ELR Tournaments?

Tournament boats from the 80's (no these will not qualify)

Question: (by Don Butcher) The Towboat Policy Manual now states that the use of 2008 -2014 boats in Class F & C tournaments can be requested. OK... But what about class ELR tournaments, what are my options???

Answer: (from Will Bush, Chair of the Towboat Committee) Many requests for use of older boats in class E,L&R have been granted – including two Regional Tournaments in 2017.

existing policy - "Older Boats":

Exceptions for Use – Approved Tournament Towboat

a) Exceptions for use of any other boat not on the “approved list” may be made by the

Chair(s) of the AWSA Towboat Committee. The boat shall be considered an

“Approved USA-WS Tournament Towboat” for that event.

b) Older Boats – If there are not sufficient numbers of approved boats available in an area for

use, the LOC may apply to their Regional AWSA Towboat Committee member (or Chair(s) of the AWSA

Towboat Committee) for use of an OLDER model. Consideration will be given to the condition of the boat, speed control system and version of speed control software in the boat.

Hope this helps. The older boats in the photo (80's vintage) wouldn't qualify... but they are fun to look at!

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