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2020 Nominations for Regional / National Officials

It's time to nominate your SCR Judges, Scorers, and Drivers* for Regionals (San Marcos River Ranch, Martindale, TX, currently scheduled for July 24 - 26, 2020) and Nationals (Okeheelee Park, West Palm Beach, FL, currently scheduled for August 4 - 8, 2020). The Official Nomination form can be found here. Please follow the directions on the form submitting your nomination. The deadline for receipt of nominations will be the weekend of the SCR Mid-Winter Meeting, held in Houston on January 11, 2020. Once the nominations have been submitted, then we will hold an election (typically in February/ early March). Thank you for volunteering, and best wishes.




*Please Note: For those interested in Driving at Nationals, the current plan is to have Regional representation with one appointed driver and two assigned Drivers. The Appointed Driver will have a three-event Senior Rating and will be on site for the entire tournament (includes accommodations for the duration of the tournament). The Assigned Divers will have a two or three-event Senior Rating and will likely split the duties / time at the tournament (and accommodations will be split between the two Assigned Drivers).

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