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2022 SCR Championship Officials - 7/20/22

The ballots results have been confirmed and thanks to Mark Turner and the SCR Board, we have verified the results for chief officials at regionals. Illness and other obligations have forced some last minute changes. Here is the current assignments.

Chief Judge: Robert Howerton

Asst. Chief Judge: Floyd McCreight

Appointed: Danielle Dlugosh

Gary Weidman

Julie Krueger

Bill Sebesta

Krista Butterfield

Assignments Coordinators: Nicole & Eric Baird

Chief Driver: Ryan Malitz

Appointed: Trent Finlayson

David West

Ron Ives

Mike Hamilton

Kelvin Kelm

Gary Weidman*

Scott Greenwood - Nationals Chief*

Chief Scorer: Danny LeBourgeois

Appointed: Kim Butterfield

Jon Penner

Homologator (TC) Jeff Lindsey

For Nationals, we are still working to accommodate both the needed positions and availability of volunteers. As soon as the schedule has been confirmed and those selected have the option to accept or decline based on the extended constraints of a 7 day event, this information will be updated.

Appointed Judge(s): Robert Howerton

Danielle Dlugosh

Bruce Butterfield

Chief Driver: Scott Greenwood

Appointed Driver(s): Ryan Malitz

Gary Weidman

Appointed Scorer(s): Tina Lindsey

Congratulations and thank you for your dedication to the SCR


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