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2023 Officials

To all,

These are the results of vote for officials. We could still use additional officials, so feel free to recruit. If your circumstances have changed or we need to talk about the assignments, please let me know. I have reached out to Ann Hamilton for recommendations for assignments coordinator and the other positions related to the regional championships. I know we have some strong candidates that would be strong additions to this group.

2023 Officials Selection

After collecting votes from skier, officials, and council people, we have selected the appointed and chief officials for regionals as well as those working the National Championship.

For Regionals:


Scott Greenwood - Chief

Trent Finlayson

Mike Hamilton

Kelly Koehler

Ryan Malitz

Chuck Kraus - Alternate


Robert Howerton - Chief

Jane Greenwood - Assistant Chief

Bruce Butterfield

Julie Krueger

Keith Lindemulder

Bill Sebesta

Gary Weidman


Jon Penner - Chief

Lisa Derasaugh

Susan Leach

Still need scorers

For Nationals appointed from SCR:


Scott Greenwood

Trent Finlayson


Bruce Butterfield

Robert Howerton

Kelly Koehler

Keith Lindemulder


Kim Butterfield

Cynthia Logan – SCR Fill-in


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