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Call for Regional Bids

To all council members and LOCs,

We still don't have any formal bids for 2023 regionals and would like to have this at least in hand in the very near future. The date for nationals is being readdressed as the East, Midwest and parts of the West are lobbying for a later date(second week of August). There are a number of items that could be negotiated including entry level requirements, banquet requirements, and fees. If you have any interest in hosting for 2023 SCR Championship, the policy and procedure document is a guideline. A number of items could be revised before awarding the bid since the policy has not been revisited since 2019 and costs as well as expectations have changed. It has even been discussed to consider a finals vs a single round event to entice some of the missing top single event skiers to the event and eliminating some ever growing cost items.

We would like a letter of interest (email is acceptable) by November 5, to the directors, Jerry Bautsch, Kelly Koehler, and Bruce Butterfield, that address questions, concerns and considerations to be shared before committing to the event. This will give us time to review the options, present possible changes to the policy and procedures and gather a consensus from the council on the bid and needed changes.

Thank you for your consideration!!

-- L. Robert Howerton SCR EVP 225-978-7306


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