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Great question for LOCs

QUESTION FROM AN LOC: My question was about OLR and LOC compliance. My club is trying to decide whether to offer tournaments this year.

In response to the fact that the LOC has new compliance requirements, the OLR was mentioned as a way to ease that burden.

What specifically does the OLR implement from the new LOC compliance requirements. For example, referencing the document "USAWSWSSafeSportPre-EventChecklist.pdf" which of these items, aside from the ones that must be done "on site" are handled by OLR? Suggestion: Perhaps the mentioned PDF file should have a column indicating whether OLR will meet a requirement or not.

Also, if OLR is now a means of compliance it would be helpful if the club had the option to NOT accept Paypal. From what I understand this is currently not available to the club. Competitors may register without making payment by Paypal, but the club can't use OLR without Paypal

Given that OLR now has enhanced functionality (SS compliance) it would be good if only that functionality were available. Some clubs don't want to use Paypal.

ANSWER FROM NATE: Here’s the challenge. OLR is only an AWSA function. The other SDs do not have an online registration method but we are working to create one for them. In an ideal world all SDs would use the same online registration tool operated by USA-WSWS and we could easily meet these participant requirements. But, that’s easier said than done. OLR was built and is managed by AWSA

volunteer programmers (USA-WSWS has no oversight). There really isn’t any “enhanced features” – it simply won’t allow members to register unless they are current (example – an expired member cannot register). That has not changed however now in order to be current, the member also needs Safe Sport training now as well and the volunteer system is simply reading the status in our new membership registration system to determine if a person can move forward with tournament registration.

There really is not addition burden or responsibility on the LOC – the LOC is expected to do the same things they’ve done in the past. It was expected in the past that the LOC ensure that all members were active members and that no one on the suspension list participate (most of that is done with OLR b/c it won’t let you register unless you are current). The one possible addition moving forward is that LOCs communicate with participants ahead of their event to make them aware of the MAAPP policies. This is a simple cut and paste email. That’s really it. We are trying to see if the OLR system can automate this email but in the absence of that asking the LOC to send a pre-event email cut and paste isn’t a huge burden in my opinion.

We do have some IT hurdles to overcome. The Safe Sport prevent checklist are recommendations and best practices. The 2 things we need to try to ensure (and what we’ll b

e audited on) is if LOCs are communicating the MAAPP policies via email ahead of their event and that no one on the suspension list participates in an event – that’s really it.

Thanks for your email and I hope the above clarifies some things.

Nate Boudreaux

SIDEBAR: I know payment is not required to be included on the registration list as appointed officials often have entry fees waved and can be downloaded with a balance due. I haven't setup a tournament, but would think a work-around for the Paypal question is available. Again, the benefit for the use of Paypal vs check is, checks have been known to bounce. (it should be noted that as of 2022, all USAWSWS memberships will be paid via online resource).


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