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IWWF Rule Changes

We have several updates to the 2022 IWWF Rule Book that have been confirmed by our IWWF representative, Dana Garcia. She shared brief notes regarding each change below.

All changes are effective immediately per IWWF Rule 1.04 Rule 8.15: Boat Path (slalom) The 2022 (V1) Rule had designated two different Individual Buoy Deviations and Cumulative Deviations for Class R and L. After a few tournaments this season we realized the different tolerances created confusion and a disparity between which scores would be placed on the Ranking List. A return to a single Individual Buoy Deviation and Cumulative Deviation for R & L events seemed to be the best solution. World Records will continue to require a maximum individual buoy deviation of not more than 20 cm. Regarding the World Record “20 cm” deviation. Look at it this way. We are all now utilizing SurePath (BPMS data), while in the past we only had End Course Video. SurePath is providing immediate feedback and more precise readings. R and L had always used the same allowable deviations, we are now actually seeing what was not previously obvious. Now we don’t need to wait for Jerry Jackson to measure the boat path deviations to know if a record will pass!

The use of SurePath in all tournaments is a wonderful opportunity to make drivers better and more consistent and has been endorsed by the SCR Council.

Rule 10.11: Boat Path (jump) We have started to collect jump boat path data with SurePath. While the data collected thus far is much smaller in sampling than the slalom data collection, we have seen some areas which we can address immediately. With the current rule stipulating a “straight path” it does not allow the driver to compensate for the skiers pull to the ramp thus creating a potentially unsafe scenario. Therefore the word “straight” has been stricken. Rule 15.02, 16.02, 17.02, 18.02: Team Selection This is merely “clean-up” of the Team Selection Rule. Please refer to the chart in Rule 14.15 for specific eligibility options. Rule 25.08: Survey The World Technical Committee has worked hard to clean up the rules relating to course surveys etc. The U.S. has always mandated that a Fixed Slalom Course must be surveyed within 90 days of the event. It does not prohibit shorter periods, nor does it free the tech controller from responsibility of validating the correctness of the course before and during an event. Some World Tournament Council members wanted to shorten the time frame to 10 or less days. Fortunately, we prevailed upon the council, and 90 days is still the rule of thumb.


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