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Media Updates & Nominations - Correction!

The current SCR policy states that nominations for a Director (3 year term) and EVP (1 year term) are required by May 31. I overlooked this deadline and will extend it until June 3 to give people a chance to reflect on running. Please send your nomination or your interest in serving on the SCR board to Jerry Bautsch, The names will be included on the absentee ballots that will be shared from this website.

Regional council representatives need to be sent to Mark Cohen,, for confirmation and inclusion for the upcoming council meeting. Remember that a club needs at least 8 active members to have a seat on the council.

The media coordinator for AWSA sent the following:

Hello SCR,

I have recently taken over the AWSA social’s and am struggling with content! In order to make sure that all regions and clubs get the same amount of representation, I have created a couple ways for members or club leadership to share photos from events or days on the lake. I would love it if you guys could help me spread the word and get this information out to as many SCR AWSA members as possible. This will help us feature more clubs, sites, members, etc… and hopefully increase some visibility and involvement within this small community!

There are two ways to share: (join your corresponding region)

  1. PhotoCircle (app, requires account, preferred)

You can add your photos to the public album for your region. In order to do this, you will have to take 2 minutes to download an app on your phone and create an account (sorry…but I promise it’s a lot of fun to get to see everyone’s pictures after tournaments and practices!)

Note*** Only allows picture uploads pictures from your phone, not a computer

  1. Dropbox

You can upload pictures from your phone or laptop through the Dropbox link.

(Linked on the IG, FB and Twitter as well)


If you have any old water ski pictures from a couple years ago or any from the collegiate days we would love to see them! I have made a Dropbox and Photocircle for this as well.

If you guys ever feel that something needs to be uploaded onto the AWSA Socials please reach out to me! I’ve listed my contact information below. I try to stay on top of everything, but with so much going on across the country it is hard to know everything that is happening. The links above are also posted at the link in the bio on the AWSA Instagram. Will also accept google sharing to

Thank you guys!

Fallon Sheffield

(512) 999-1010

AWSA Accounts:

Instagram: @awsa3event

Facebook: @awsa3event

Twitter: @awsa3event


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