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New IWWF rules

These rules will be included in the 2023 Rule Book which should be available shortly on the IWWF site.

The IWWF Tournament Council met this past Wednesday and approved eyeTrick from Donal Connelly.

We also approved judging at 80% or Normal Speed for all other trick programs which can “handle” the speed. In addition, it is now an option to use your judging panel to time the trick runs, if it can be done independently of the judges two views. The timing must be done after the judges have finalized their calling of tricks, so as not to influence a “judgement”.

eyeTrick should be available for download and use mid-March. Chip Shand is finalizing his software to also provide this option as well, but it has not been released at this time.

In other news related to the rules, the re-ride rules for slalom related to BPMS (SurePath) have been revised which removes what some skiers identified as a penalty or restriction beyond their control.

Continuing at Risk

If a skier decides to continue at risk to the next pass on a mandatory re-ride and:

A) Does not complete the pass, the score awarded will be the higher of:

• The score from the original pass that was in tolerance; or

• The score from the ‘continue at risk’ pass as though it were at the original speed and rope length.

B) Completes the pass, and that pass is out of tolerance for boat path deviation, the skier shall be entitled to no more than two additional mandatory re-rides for that specific pass. The skier does not have an option to continue at risk to the next pass.

The details of both of these rules will be addressed in the IWWF Rulebook and may see an addendum to the recently published AWSA Rulebook.


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