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Policy & Procedure Draft - revised

A draft of the SCR Policy and Procedure was presented for review at the summer meeting. During review and further conversations dealing with increased costs and changes in the water ski community, some additions and clarifications became apparent. Attached is a new draft that in many instances will impact regionals, but will be confirmed with the 2023 host before implementing. Realistically, these changes will be more likely a part of the 2024 bid expectations.

The 2023 host bid LOC has been given information on revised entry fees, but these and other items could be revised again for 2024 if needed. Please look the document over and feel free to contact me for comments, questions or issues that need to be added or included before the mid-winter meeting.

Revisions include removal of reference to regional guide, updates to entry fees, and zero scores no longer being an acceptable qualification for regionals.


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