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Quick Updates

Sanctioning of events have been slow as LOCs have delayed sanction fee payments, confirmation of officials and other event details. Some sites are still trying to confirm dates, so I have given the area coordinators the ability to add events on the Google Calendar. If your event is not posted on the calendar, please reach out to me so it can be added in a timely manner.

It should be noted that sanctions are not approved until fees and officials are approved. Officials and event details can be modified if needed, but AWSA is dependent on the money being handled in a timely manner and had control on the final approval step.

There will be a process change coming since Sandy is now only working 2 days per week and her approval is required for sanctioning approval. In the very near future (possibly this week) sanction fees will be required to be paid, then all other sanction approval steps will be in the hands of the EVP. This will allow for last minute officials and schedule changes as well as allowing access to the OLR system to be active without a headquarters delay. Refunds or transfer of fees to different dates can still be approved, so the money isn't lost. Foreign officials that are members of AWSA will soon be available in the sanction application which isn't a big issue for SCR, but it is a help with the foreign families that are willing to help at events as officials.

Remember that there are sanction deadlines for all classes and IWWF has a tendency to be sticklers on their approval dates.


The SCR NCWSA is hosting the 2023 All-Star event at Stevenson's Ranch and as part of the effort to help the SCR be well represented, Jackson Driggs would like you to support SCR All Stars Team by making a donation and spreading the word.

Welcome to our fundraising campaign for the South Central Region Water Ski Team!

Our team is made up of some of the best water skiers in the South Central Region, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to compete in the upcoming NCWSA All Stars tournament.


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