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Safesport Update

The requirement for completion of the Safesport training is mandatory for all active USAWSWS members over 18 years old. It has come to the attention of the AWSA board that some LOCs have not been enforcing this criteria for skiers or officials involved in sanctioned events. This is a problem that could have a domino effect if it continues, as clubs, organizers and the association could be placed in a precarious position without enforcement.

We are asking all scorers and registrars to review the registration files in WSTIMS and verify that Safesport status is current for all members. It is not acceptable to allow people to ski or work as an official without a current "active" status for their membership.

If there are questions or concerns about this policy, feel free to contact me. Headquarters has communicated that the membership database and the approved Safesport trainings system sharing information should display accurate status, but that is not always accurate. We need your participation to remedy some of these challenges.

Some people have gone directly to Safesport and completed the training which doesn't automatically populate the AWSA membership database. If you feel that may be your case, contact headquarters and in many cases, the information can be transferred and credit can be confirmed. Accessing the training from the USAWSWS profile page is the easiest and most secure way to complete the correct training. In some cases, people involved in multiple USOPC sports that may be able to confirm credit from other training required organizations and may be able to share the confirmation of completion with headquarters.

I hope this make things easier to understand as to the options available to the membership.


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