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Happy fall y'all.

I really do hope everyone is still ripping it up out there. As the temperature is coming down ever so slightly, it's nice to be out on the water! I spent the morning pulling the boys and some of their friends.

So the website is down but hopefully it is not slowing the skiing down. There has been a great deal of communication about the situation, and it seems that progress is being made to get everything back up and running. One of the primary goals is to "Utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) framework." This sounds very promising to me. Not to jinx anything, but they are hoping to have it restored by September 10th. It sounds like in the process some other things will be updated and offer better service to all. In the meantime, we have provided offline documents as workarounds to keep things going. Some resources are listed on the portion of the usawaterski website that is still working. Help for scoring is listed there also. We have PDF documents entry forms, waivers, and sanctions forms. If you need any assistance feel free to reach out to me or any of the other board members.

The Ranking list will be getting a major overhaul in the coming months. Evidently, this was passed due and it will be better than ever! Given that this will take many many hours of work, the AWSA board has moved the cut-off date back to February to give enough time for the volunteers to get it all updated, and reflect any new rules passed in the January board meeting.

The contract for the 2024 Nationals is in the works; however, the dates are yet to be settled on. Initially, it was set for the week of August 12th and now August 6th is being considered. If you feel strongly about one date over another please let me know.

Please keep skiing and let us know if you need any assistance!

Julie Krueger



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